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Moonshine® Astral® effect pigments

5th August 2016

Glassflake Ltd are proud to announce the launch of our new and exciting Moonshine® Astral® effect series pigments. This series of products is based on a new substrate with a very low heavy metal composition and an average thickness of 350nm. The coating of high refractive index metal oxides results in unique pigments that display strong interference colours combined with high transparency and extraordinary gloss. Due to the purity, clean colour and particle size, these pigments are suitable for powder based cosmetics and for skin care products such as radiance glow formulas, facial lotions and creams as well as eye, lip and nail products. Please contact us for further details and samples.

Thinner, tougher and now even stronger.

12th March 2015

Glassflake Ltd, the company with over 30 years' experiencein developing innovative glass flake products, is delighted to announce that it has joined forces with Sibelco UK Ltd, international supplier of advanced industrial minerals, with Sibelco taking a 25.1% shareholding in Glassflake.

The move will see both businesses working together, to further develop glass flake technology, in particular converting this work to commercial products and scalable manufacturing.

Glassflake Ltd manufactures and supplies functional products globally to the coatings, pigments and polymer sectors. These products consist of micro-sized glass flakes, ranging from 7 microns in thickness to an industry leading, incredibly thin 100 nanometers. The Leeds-based company's novel manufacturing technique ensures consistency of flake, resulting in improved properties including mechanical, chemical, UV light and permeation resistance. Glassflake are recognised for enhancing product performance in a wide variety of materials - an accolade they hold in high regard. This has seen them form interests in highly technical applications, from improving tyre performance to enhancing fire resistance in aircraft carpets. Glassflake is also utilised as a market changing substrate for effect pigments that are used in cosmetics, as well as industrial applications such as automotive paint finishes.

Sibelco, has 214 operational sites in 43 countries across the world. They supply minerals to a diverse range of customers in glass, ceramics, construction, engineering, metallurgical casting, oil/gas recovery and environmental protection. Sibelco recognised the innovative technology, processes and market potential of Glassflake's products, including the effect pigments brand, Moonshine®.

The venture signals the start of a new period of growth for Glassflake's innovative products. Charles Watkinson, Chief Executive at Glassflake said: "Our glass flakes set the benchmark, our technique in creating them improves performance - that is a fact and we are delighted to have the support of Sibelco sharing our vision in research, development and taking product to market."

Glassflake sibelco

New distribution partnership

Glassflake Ltd. is delighted to announce a new distribution partnership with Worlée for its Moonshine® effect pigments range. This agreement will cover both the industrial and cosmetic markets in Germany.

Worlée, headquartered in Hamburg, can look back on 160 years of solid and continuous growth basing its success on developing an in-depth understanding of their customers' needs and tailoring its product range to meet those requirements.

Worlée for industrial applications can be contacted on +49 (0) 40-7 33 33-2500 or via email (

Worlée for cosmetic applications can be contacted on Tel. +49(0)40-7 33 33-0 or via email (


Making Cosmetics 2013

Making Cosmetics 2013

The Moonshine® effect pigments range was officially presented to the Italian cosmetic market during the Making Cosmetics Exhibition held in Milan from 26-27 November. Joining our distributor URAI at their busy stand, we were able to gauge the visitors' impressions first hand.

The feedback we received on the appearance and uniqueness of our borosilicate based effect pigments was extremely positive. Italy is one of our key markets and we look forward to establishing strategic working relationships with the cosmetic manufacturers.

New distributor partnership for France

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Kobo Products Inc. for the representation of the Moonshine® effect pigments range to the cosmetic and personal care markets within France this is following from the successful co-operation within the US market.

Since 1987 Kobo Products Inc. has been providing innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry. With three manufacturing locations throughout the world including its corporate headquarters in South Plainfield, NJ (USA), Kobo SAS (Labège/Toulouse, France) and Kobo Dispatek (Utsunamiya, Japan).

Kobo Products SAS can be contacted on +33 (0)5-62-88-77-40 or via email (

Kobo Products Inc

New distributor partnership for Brazil

Kobo Products Inc. has extended representation of the Moonshine® effect pigments range to also incorporate the Brazilian cosmetic market.

Brazil: Kobo Products Inc. can be contacted on +55 11 4113 0550

Kobo Products Inc

New distributor partnership for the Italian cosmetic market

Glassflake Ltd. is proud to announce that URAI S.p.a has been appointed to represent the Moonshine® effect pigments range in the Italian cosmetic market. This market is of particular strategic importance for us and we are very pleased to have formed a partnership with such a customer-oriented and highly professional organization.


URAI S.p.a. can be contacted on +39 02 892 3991 or via email (

Abrafati 2013

Abrafati Brazil coatings show Sao Paulo 16-18 September 2013

Glassflake Ltd. was represented at the Abrafati Brazil coatings show, held in Sao Paulo 16-18 September, by our Brazilian distributor Adexim Comexim. A member of Glassflake' Sales and Marketing team was present on the impressive stand to assist with the large number of enquiries. The show was well attended and we enjoyed great deal of interest in both our Glassflake and Moonshine borosilicate effect pigment product ranges. The Brazilian market is a key growth area and part of our growing success.

Turkcoat Coatings Show Eurasia 2013

Turkcoat -2013-banner

Turkcoat -2013-editorialGlassflake Ltd was represented by our Turkish distributor Omnis Kompozit at the Turkcoat Coatings Show Eurasia 2013, held in Istanbul from 12-14 September. The objective of the exhibition was to present the Glassflake and Moonshine® effect pigment product ranges to the Turkish coatings and paints markets, and we were very pleased with the outcome. The Moonshine® borosilicate effect pigment product range attracted a lot of interest, and the event also gave us the opportunity to touch base with our existing customers.

New North American distributor partnership

Glassflake Ltd. is proud to announce a new distributor partnership in the North American market: the representation of the Moonshine® effect pigments range for the cosmetic industry has been entrusted to Kobo Products Inc.

Kobo Products Inc, being one of the leading American distributors of cosmetic ingredients, offers excellent formulation development support and a professional sales organization to present the Moonshine® range and give all the necessary the assistance to our customers.

Kobo Products Inc

Kobo Products Inc can be contacted on 908 - 757 - 0033 or via email (

Moonshine® colour travel series

Glassflake Ltd are proud to announce the launch of our new and exciting Moonshine® colour travel series. Based on our thin borosilicate glass flake technology, the multi-layered system coated with high refractive index metal oxides results in unique pigments that display strong colour flop effects. Encompassing also the extraordinary gloss and high transparency associated with our borosilicate glass flake, the Moonshine® colour travel series makes for stunning and unforgettable visual effects. Please contact us if you would like to receive a sample.