Moonshine® effect pigments

The Moonshine® range allows for the formulation of unique and interesting effects in many cosmetic applications.

Borosilicate based pigments may be used in the same applications as mica based effect pigments; particularly in cosmetics due to the high transparency and high gloss they impart making them suited for transparent systems such as lip gloss.

Different effects can be achieved by not only selection of particle size diameter, whether silky shimmer or sparkle effects are desired, but also on the loadings of Moonshine® pigment used in a system. They may also be used individually or by mixing of colours or in combination with other pigments to achieve individual and unique effects.

Moonshine® PuraFlake series

PuraFlake series offer a combination of exclusive properties. PuraFlake has been developed specifically to replace conventional fillers such as mica and sericite in all cosmetic formulations. PuraFlake, with an average thickness of 350nm, creates a much softer skin feel and the modified particle diameter of D10 5 microns and D90 40 microns (5-40 microns) allows easy incorporation.

Additionally, as the name of the product implies, PuraFlake is based on a specifically designed glass composition that has a lower heavy metal content than the standard ECR glass and other conventional fillers, ensuring we are well under the existing regulative thresholds.

The PuraFlake series may also be coated with an appropriate functional coating such as dimethicone.