Utilising our innovative proprietary borosilicate manufacturing technology we produce high specification glass flake substrates for the Moonshine® effect pigments range of products, which results in an array of captivating sparkling effects. The product range includes the metal oxide coated glass flake Moonshine® effect series, which demonstrates high gloss and transparency; the Moonshine® ultra effect series with intense colours; the Moonshine® colour travel series displaying stunning colour flop effects, as well as the pure metal coated Moonshine® meta effect series with intense lustre, brightness and metallic effect.

Borosilicate based glass flake substrates are highly planar platelets with a very smooth surface, they are transparent and have a neutral mass tone. This is in contrast to other substrates such as mica, which has natural imperfections in the particle thickness due to its laminate structure. This results in a stepped surface which creates light scatter. Additionally mica contains impurities that cause discoloration of the mass tone colour.

Our Moonshine® range is based on borosilicate flakes with an average thickness of 1.2 microns which are subsequently coated with either high refractive index metal oxides to create strong interference colours or with metals giving intense brilliance resulting in interesting effects even at very low loadings.

Our comprehensive borosilicate based effect pigments range;

Moonshine® effect series

Moonshine® ultra effect series

Moonshine® meta effect series

Moonshine® puraflake series

Moonshine® colour travel series

Moonshine® astral effect series