Cosmetic fillers PuraFlake®

An engineered replacement for natural cosmetic fillers such as Talc and Mica with controlled composition and Purity.

Cosmetic fillers PuraFlake®

PuraFlake® is based on engineered high purity borosilicate glass flake that has an average thickness of 350nm. This allows to create a soft skin feel compared to a thicker glass flake, whilst modified particle diameter of D10 5 micron and D90 40 micron (5-40 micron) allows for easy incorporation into cosmetic formulations. An ideal replacement for natural cosmetic fillers without the issues of naturally occurring contaminants that under today's regulatory requirements may not be used in cosmetic formulations.

Product Name Product Code Av. Flake thickness TDS MSDS
PuraFlake® GFE-PF-HH 350nm PuraFlake® PuraFlake®
PuraFlake® GFE-PF-HH-1 350nm PuraFlake® PuraFlake®

PuraFlake® is based on ECR glass that has lower heavy metal content than the standard ECR glass, ensuring we are well under the cosmetic thresholds.

Heavy metals (full digestion HF/ Nitric acid), ICP-MS analysis

Metal Concentration
AS <2ppm
Ba (total) <25ppm
Cd <2ppm
Co <2ppm
Cr <20ppm
Hg <1ppm
Ni <10ppm
Pb <5ppm
Sb <2ppm
Se <5ppm


PuraFlake® may be offered both treated and untreated. Currently we offer treatment with Dimethicone (2%wt) which improves the feel/ slip of PuraFlake whilst also making the surface hydrophobic.

PuraFlake® may be used in all cosmetic formulations looking to replace conventional fillers such as mica and synthetic mica.


Product coding

Nomenclature GFE-PF-XX-Y

Glassflake effect series- PuraFlake® - PSD - Coating
PSD Legend (XX)
HH - 5-40

Coating Legend (Y)
1 - Dimethicone

Example for PuraFlake® 5-40 Dimethicone coated - GFE-PF-HH-1