Borosilicate Substrate

The borosilicate substrate used in the production of all Moonshine Effect Pigments is key to product quality. The ratio of substrate to coating thickness is crucial in providing the correct interference colours. As such, colour consistency is only possible with tight control over the thickness of the borosilicate substrate. Moonshine uses unique substrate, produced by Glassflake Ltd, of exceptionally consistent thickness. This is derived from the spun or rotary method of flake production. Constant R&D efforts are in place to advance and improve this process.

Material Science

The changing use of materials in Moonshine® Effect Pigments allows us to both meet and stay abreast of industry trends. This can be in innovative use of new colourants to provide more vibrant visual effects. Beyond the visual aspects of the material, applications often require stringent contaminants content. This is achieved with close formulation control and working in partnership with raw material suppliers. There has been significant investment to bring equipment in house of composition and heavy metal content. This ensures that the materials meet and often exceed regulatory requirements.


The entire basis for the Moonshine Effect Pigment range is meeting the needs of our customers and the market. To do so, we are always open to partnerships with pigment end users. This can be in the form of market feedback on upcoming colours trends, particularly important in consumer goods. Our relationships also extend in the other direction into our supply chain. We work closely with all raw material suppliers to evaluate the latest pigment technologies and processes so that we can share these with our customers.