Launch of Ultra Travel Series

8th April 2020

Glassflake Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of our latest Moonshine® Ultra Travel effect series pigments. This new series of pigments combines the very best effects from our Ultra Effect and Colour Travel Series. These now offer an exciting option for customer requiring the most vibrant visual effects.

The Ultra Travel Series of pigments combines two leading technologies to create unrivalled visual impact. The interference effect is generated by multiple layers of metal oxide on a borosilicate substrate. As the angle of incidence changes, the perceived colour to the eye changes. This creates an eye-catching effect as the object or user moves position – this is most notable for handheld consumer products. These pigments also contain an inorganic colourant, introduced during the manufacturing process. The colourant highlight is complimentary to one of the interfernce colours increasing both its vibrancy and depth. Obscuration when using these pigments is also improved, by the colourant additive, useful in printing applications when hiding the substrate.



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