Product NameProduct CodeDiameterNominal Substrate ThicknessTDSSDS
Astral® Silver White ShimmerGFE-ASWS30-100 µm350nm
Astral® Red ShimmerGFE-ARS30-100 µm350nm
Astral® Gold ShimmerGFE-AGS30-100 µm350nm
Astral® Blue ShimmerGFE-ABS30-100 µm350nm
Astral® Green ShimmerGFE-AGRS30-100 µm350nm
Astral® Violet ShimmerGFE-AVS30-100 µm350nm
Product NameProduct CodeDiameterNominal Substrate ThicknessTDSSDS
Astral Silver White Super ShimmerGFE-ASWSS10-40 µm350nm
Astral Red Super ShimmerGFE-ARSS10-40 µm350nm
Astral Gold Super ShimmerGFE-AGSS10-40 µm350nm
Astral Blue Super ShimmerGFE-ABSS10-40 µm350nm
Astral Green Super ShimmerGFE-AGRSS10-40 µm350nm
Astral Violet Super ShimmerGFE-AVSS10-40 µm350nm

The Astral® Effect series uses a unique substrate of 350nm thickness. Nano-scale substrate provides unique effects at low loadings and unrivalled transparency and depth of colour. This borosilicate base is possible only with the advanced manufacturing technology, pioneered by Glassflake Ltd. This lower flake thickness offers an increase in aspect ratio and surface area. This ensures that colour suspensions using these pigment exhibit improved dispersion stability. With a lower thickness comes an increase in pigment particles per unit weight. This extends the visual coverage when in a system. These dimensions also contribute to excellent transparency, especially crucial when used in a clear coating or ink to allow visibility of lower layers.