Automotive - OEM, Refinish Coatings & Interiors

One of the most visually captivating applications for Moonshine Effect Pigments is in automotive coatings and interiors. Effect pigment technology is well used within this market and borosilicate substrate pigments bring the next generation of this technology. It is commonplace for these pigments to be used in both OEM and refinish coatings, where they add depth, lustre and impart a luxurious appearance to panels. With Automotive grades of Moonshine Effect Pigments, an advanced silane technology imparts durability to the particles, ensuring longevity to the effects seen – ideal for long service lives. Within an automotive coating, complimentary colours of effect pigment can be used to reinforce iconic brand tones. Alternatively, a contrasting pigment offers an eye-catching effect even at low load levels. The development of thinner pigments, giving high aspect ratio even at low diameters ensures that there is minimal effect on gloss levels.

It isn’t only on external surfaces that these pigments find use, they can be used to create appealing effects to many interior components, especially across the dashboard. The added durability of borosilicate pigments, particularly those based on market leading 350nm thickness substrate in the Astral Effect Series, ensures that the added effect is little diminished by any manufacturing process. In the refinish market, some of the most vivacious visuals can be created with Ultra Effect or Ultra Travel series, where the added dyes in these pigments provide the upmost vibrancy.


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