Product NameProduct CodeDiameterNominal Substrate ThicknessTDSSDS
Metallic Gold Ultra ShimmerGFEMGSU5-45 µm1 µm
Bronze Ultra ShimmerGFEBRSU5-45 µm1 µm
Copper Ultra ShimmerGFECOSU5-45 µm1 µm
Russet Ultra ShimmerGFERUSU5-45 µm1 µm

The Effect Series Metallic pigments use oxides of titanium and iron to enhance many systems. The iron oxide content of these pigments provides earthy tones, not traditionally possible with only titanium dioxide. These pigments exhibit much greater opacity and hiding power with the addition of a further metal oxide component. The small particle size is suitable for formulators to create an exceptionally consistent effect with this pigments. Given the small size and little surface disruption, this can be in combination with a smooth, glossy surface.