Inks & Packaging

Moonshine® effect pigments are used in a wide range of printing processes. With a large range of particle sizes available within the pigment range, many of these are suitable for printing ink application techniques. The shimmer and super shimmer morphologies are most commonly selected in inks for use in screen, flexo and gravure printed effects.

One of the largest markets for Moonshine® effect pigments is cardboard and polymer film packaging. The pigments are often used in cosmetics so matching the effect between the user product and packaging is an ideal way to highlight the product. Consumer goods are printed with effect pigment containing inks, into final applications such as tableware and textiles. With a thin substrate giving high aspect ratios with small particles, it is possible to create shimmer effects at high gloss levels. This is especially true with the unique Astral Effect Series, with 350nm thick borosilicate core.


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