Paints & Coatings

Coating formulators can employ a broad range of Moonshine Effect Pigments, which can be used in an array of end applications. The pigments are ideal for use in pigmented and clear systems to provide eye-catching effects. All grades within the Moonshine range are suitable for coating applications. The wide variety of particle morphologies ensure that there is always a suitable grade for the intended application. This can be from the small diameter super shimmer for very thin film applications, through to high film builds using much larger ultra sparkle for the most prominent effects.

Within the coatings sector, there are a large number of specific use cases. In floor coatings, the pigments can be used in public spaces such museums and showrooms - this is particularly effective where downlighters are in use. The pigment's versatility mean that it can be used for metal, plastic, concrete and wood substrates. In wood coatings, there high clarity from the pigments means that they can be used in clear coatings to add an extra dimension to the natural wood grain. One of the most common applications is in automotive coatings, here pigments are used to increase the apparent depth of the finish.

Powder Coating Application


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