Product NameProduct CodeDiameterNominal Substrate ThicknessTDSSDS
Gold-Red-Violet Ultra Sparkle PinkGFUT-GRVUS-P40-200 µm1 µm
Red-Violet-Blue Ultra Sparkle RedGFUT-RVBUS-R40-200 µm1 µm
Violet-Blue-Green Ultra Sparkle BlueGFUT-VBGUS-B40-200 µm1 µm
Blue-Green-Gold Ultra Sparkle RedGFUT-BGGUS-R40-200 µm1 µm

The Ultra Travel Series of pigments combines two leading technologies to create unrivalled visual impact. The interference effect is generated by multiple layers of metal oxide on a borosilicate substrate. As the angle of incidence changes, the perceived colour to the eye changes. This creates an eye-catching effect as the object or user moves position. These pigments also contain an inorganic colourant to increase impact. This colourant provides increased obscuration and gives a brighter visual appearance to the pigments.